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Importance of Sales and Marketing in an organisation

 Importance of Sales and Marketing in an organisation

We all know sales is the life blood of most any organization. A solid sales force, whether outsourced or in house, can put an organization on the map. It can exponentially grow revenue and cement a business' success. I came across these facts/statements on and wanted to share them. Take a look...

- Harvard research shows that, across a range of industries, there is a direct and consistent correlation between the caliber of the sales force and organizational growth.

- A world class sales benchmarking study reveals that the caliber of the salesperson, in the B2B environment, is the most important factor influencing customers’ decisions to buy.

- In many sales forces, 20% of the sales force deliver 80% of the revenues. This means that hiring talented salespeople is essentially a random event. Tossing a coin would be as effective.

- 64% of salespeople who fail, do so because they are in the wrong job, not because they cannot sell.

- Top sales producers outperform average producers by two to one and outperform low producers by 10 to one.

- Caliper Corporation reports that 55% of people making their living in sales should be doing something else.

- Sales is a talent-based profession and training can only improve this by 20%. So a 5% can become a 6%, but an 80% can become a 96%.

- Replacing your bottom 20% of salespeople with only average performers would improve sales productivity by nearly 20%.

- Over 50% of sales managers are too busy to train and develop their sales teams.


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